Have a list that you want to import into Trello from a spreadsheet or document? Just copy and paste that list into a new Trello card, click “Add,” and Trello will ask if you want to turn each line separated list item into a separate card.

#TrelloTips: This shortcut works when adding checklist items, too!

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雖然您可以隨時自行添加HTTPS 的前綴,但是在某些情況下網頁總是會自動跳到沒有加密的狀態,這些狀態可能出現在Google 各個網頁之間的跳轉,以及搜索結果鏈接點擊之後,這會影響您的正常使用體驗,因此我們建議您強制HTTPS 連接。

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強制Google.com 域名使用HTTPS(SSL)

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In order to get rid of the disorder associated with the use of SEO-texts, and related restrictions, you must get rid of SEO-texts on the site.

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