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如果您在 Google 相簿中編輯相片,變更內容並不會顯示在 Google 雲端硬碟。
如果您從 Google 相簿刪除相片,該相片也會從 Google 雲端硬碟中刪除。
如果您從 Google 雲端硬碟刪除相片,該相片也會從 Google 相簿中刪除。
如果您在「我的雲端硬碟」中刪除「Google 相簿」資料夾的內容:
如果您刪除個別相片或影片,這些項目將從 Google 相簿中移除。
如果您刪除資料夾 (包括「Google 相簿」資料夾),當中的相片和影片不會從 Google 相簿中刪除。這項設定是為了避免誤刪您的所有相片和影片。
如果您將「Google 相簿」資料夾中的相片移到其他資料夾後,又從該資料夾刪除相片,這些相片也會從 Google 相簿中刪除。

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Google 検索や Google マップ、YouTube などに広告を掲載しましょう。



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建立受監管的 Chrome 設定檔 – Google Chrome說明



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Google Analytics (分析) 不透露資訊瀏覽器外掛程式

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For an even more secure and confidential experience, you can use the new secure Liberty browser, which is integrated into the Qwant application. It gives you the option of creating an encrypted safe inside your mobile phone that nobody else can open. Thanks to its SIM & PIN technology, it allows you to keep sensitive data that you want to be able to reuse easily on your person, for instance when making online purchases. All of your data is encrypted with a key that doesn’t leave your phone.

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Qwick allows you to get a direct research to many specific websites. By adding the symbol ‘&’ followed by the name of your favorite website (e.g. Amazon), you immediately have access to the result. Optimize your research and save valuable time!

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board:id – Returns cards within a specific board. If you start typing board:, Trello will suggest boards for you. You can search by board name, too, such as “board:trello” to search only cards on boards with trello in the board name.

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