Follow-Up Email

Dear Sarah,
When we last chatted, you said that you hoped to make a hiring decision about XYZ’s content director position by this time. We haven’t had a chance to connect again, so I thought I’d expand a bit on our conversation.

Your ideas for creating more shareable content for the XYZ blog are spot on! I noticed Alex Expert echoing your thoughts on his blog a couple of days ago and thought you might like to check it out. Did you notice what he had to say about SEO best practices and Google’s latest algorithm update? There are some opportunities here that I’d love to talk to you about.

I’m confident that my strong writing background and understanding of SEO would make an impact at XYZ, leading to more social shares, pageviews, and engagement. I’d welcome the opportunity to dig in and make some exciting things happen!


Joe Jobseeker

via When, Why, and How to Send a Follow-Up Email After a Job Interview | Grammarly