I’m not worried about Bitcoin Unlimited, but I am losing sleep over Ethereum

With the recent surge in the Ethereum price (ETH reaching 30% of Bitcoin’s market cap at nearly $5 billion),

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Content-based image retrieval (CBIR), also known as query by image content (QBIC) and content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR) is the application of computer vision techniques to the image retrieval problem, that is, the problem of searching for digital images in large databases (see this survey[1] for a recent scientific overview of the CBIR field). Content-based image retrieval is opposed to traditional concept-based approaches (see Concept-based image indexing).

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According to T&C, PhotoGrid can use our private photos as their copyright materials. They don’t have to ask for permission from the owners. Whatever photos used wit oph PhotoGrid are theirs to use as their copyright materials. Basically PhotoGrid owned every single photos you use with them. Your private photos are now theirs (stop short from selling). Their PhotoGrid and QuickPic now autoload and stay in the memory, scanning folders, linking to their cloud server. Even if you never sign up for cloud.
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