Here’s a tip. Go to the web app in Chrome, then click the gear icon -> More Tools -> Add to desktop. Write “TickTick” inside the name and tick the option “Open in new window”. Bear in mind that the view you were in when you created this action will always be the default when you open the app. So if you want “Today” to be your default view make sure you click on “Today” prior to doing the above steps. At the point, you have TickTick on your desktop. Double click on it any time to launch it independently from your browser.

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Help Center – TickTick

Out of curiosity, when you say that there is no ETA, that’s something I can understand from a marketing point of view but are you talking days/weeks/months/years? I am sure there should be some estimation about launching the product.

I mean if you think this is 3 months,
you can reach out and say we need 6 months.

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Simon Sinek’s Thoughts On Millennials Are Like Long, Gassy Farts




Aziz Ansari’s book on modern romance is a testament to how much harder we must work to find love,

compared to our grandparents’ generation,
who almost invariably sourced their life partners from down the street in their own neighborhood.


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