For an even more secure and confidential experience, you can use the new secure Liberty browser, which is integrated into the Qwant application. It gives you the option of creating an encrypted safe inside your mobile phone that nobody else can open. Thanks to its SIM & PIN technology, it allows you to keep sensitive data that you want to be able to reuse easily on your person, for instance when making online purchases. All of your data is encrypted with a key that doesn’t leave your phone.

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Qwick allows you to get a direct research to many specific websites. By adding the symbol ‘&’ followed by the name of your favorite website (e.g. Amazon), you immediately have access to the result. Optimize your research and save valuable time!

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board:id – Returns cards within a specific board. If you start typing board:, Trello will suggest boards for you. You can search by board name, too, such as “board:trello” to search only cards on boards with trello in the board name.

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Next, open Google Calendar, and click the downward arrow next to “Other calendars” on the left side. Click on “Add by URL.”

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Draft is a Markdown editor for Android devices.
Simplenote is a cross-platform note-taking service by Automattic, with Markdown support.

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如果你常常喜歡或轉格其他人的貼文,那麼你可以真正感受到這個功能的樂趣。你可以到「使用者名稱」看看他們都喜歡哪些貼文,也可以到「使用者名稱」看看他們追蹤的部落格。如果要和其他人分享你所喜歡的內容和追蹤的 Tumblr,請在網路版的 部落格 設定 中啟用這項功能,或是在應用程式中檢視你的部落格時,點一下調色盤圖示來調整設定。

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Element 1: Clarify Everything With Step-By-Step Documentation

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